Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phils Birthday was May 14th, it was fun we went to dinner at Applebees then we went and walked around the mall, Phil was mad at me cause We didnt get him his present until tonight ( we got him a new cell phone) so the night of his bday we saw this Boozer shirt and I had to get it for Noah he loves calling himself Boozer, so for Phils birthday we bought our nephew a present.. it was fun.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

So I dont have pictures yet to put on but just whats been going on with us....
Erin, Darrin and their cute little came came up this weekend so they could bless Harley, she is so cute I will put some pictures on as soon as I can. So all weekend I have been holding that cute little girl.
Phil just finished this semister of school (finally) He was taking morning classed and slept through most of the days so its a miracle that he passed all of the classes, now we know that he cant take morning classes anymore.
Phil is still working at Wells Fargo, and I am working and Copes office again, I know I keep going back but I will be there until we start having kids.
Things are going really well for us, we still live in West Valley with Steph and Ben, I tell her we are never moving out. :) Its fun watching Noah grow up and Stephs belly grow.. Hopefully soon Cameron will join us we cant wait. Steph and I were jumping on the tramp to maybe push him down, ( I am determined to put steph in Labor tonight so I dont have to work tomorrow :). Sorry I dont update but I will do better.