Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This month was Whitneys birthday and tomorrow is Chris, Daniel and my Birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHIT, CHRIS AND DANIEL!!!!!
This past sunday we got with my family to do a little b-day party, we had dinner, cake and Ice cream, it was fun. Tonight my in Laws are taking me to dinner, and then Phil and I are going to the Jazz game, it will be fun.
Tomorrow its going to be a good day, Phil and I have a baby dr appt, I will be 27 weeks, crazy only 13 more weeks to go :) then Phils present to me is an Hour masage, I am so excited for it, my body hurts so bad right know so I am so excited for that. Its going to be a good birthday. Here are some pictures from sunday.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Peyton Maxine Hale

Shelby and Ryan had there little girl Peyton yesterday, she was 7 pounds 1 oz, and 19 in long, she is so cute. We are so excited for them, Abby and Jaxyn were so excited yesterday to show off their new baby sister. So here are some pictures of her yesterday, and then Phil and I went today to visit, she has changed a lot just over night. She has brown hair and so far dark eyes. We just love her to pieces.

Monday, March 2, 2009


There is nothing new, just us working and being lazy. This week I will be 24 weeks, and yes she is starting to poke out, everyone at work just looks and laughs at me. I am feeling great, tired but good, we are getting really excited.
Oh yah we are trying to sell Phils car if anyone know anyone that is looking for a car its a 2004 Lancer, its in good condition, the color is beige and we are selling it for $5500. That would be great if anyone knew of anyone that is looking, just let us know.