Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stewart Baby #2

I havent gotten around to posting about this but for those who dont know We are excited to say we will be expecting Baby #2 around Dec 6th we are way excited.
This pregnacy has been so different then with Taelor, I have been so super sick 24/7 nausea/vomiting. So not fun and way hard to do with a toddler wanting mommys attention all the time. So when I lay on the couch Taelors first words to me are "mommy your tummy hurt?" so as of this week I am 12 weeks pregnant and the nausea has decreased alot, I still get it everyday but it hasnt been an all day thing, I still dont crave food but when I dont eat I get sick. Sorry I wont be taking any belly pictures, I started out this pregnancy heavier then I should have been so not feeling to great about pictures these days.
We are also moving this weekend, we will still be in Bountiful just a different apartment, one thats not right on a busy road and that has grassy area for Taelor to play, we are excited but I am sad/nervous when we move we will be setting up a Toddler bed for Taelor I am a very sad mommy she shouldnt be this big already, everyday she seems to get bigger and smarter and I love it but she should still be my baby. We want her to be in her own bed before the baby comes (and Phil doesnt want to put the crib up then take it apart again for when the baby is here)
So lots of changes for the Stewart Family we are excited for what this year will bring and cant wait for our little family to grow

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I just love her little face in this photo, so the other night I put this little tv in Tae room (I have a lot of vhs and some kid movies that I have been wanting tae to see) so the tv has a vhs player in it. So I put on Monsters inc Oaks loved the movie but Taelor just loved the fact there was a tv in her room, she was so excited and kept saying "Oh movie". Now everytime we go into her room she says movie mom..She is getting so big, I cant believe in less then 4 months she will be 2. She keeps me busy and is talking so much, I am going to brag she can count to 10(she skips the #3 for some reason) she almost has her birthday down-well she calls it a Happy Day- its June 17 but she says June 7 so we are almost there, and is catching on to so many things, (she is getting sassier then ever) but is one smart cookie and this shocked me but we were watching mickey mouse club house and she said mom do you see a triangle? I looked up so suprised and sure enough there was a triangle..WOW i have never shown her shapes so that was a huge suprise. And now we have to watch what we say cause she copies everything...we were driving one day and Phil was saying something and said suck, sure enough Tae in the back seat kept repeating it...haha we are introuble. I just love her to pieces. And the picture of her and daddy building blocks she loves these blocks and no the tower was not all Phil she helped alot and she is funny cause certain blocks had to be in certain places. every morning she wants to build towers with her dad its so cute

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beautiful Mother

13 years ago my mom passed away. I cant believe its been that long, some days it feels like forever ago but then others it seems like just yesterday. So much has happened and I know she is watching in a better place, but yes I do get selfish and so wish she was just a phone call away. There are many days where I just want to go to her house and just cuddle up with her on the couch. I know one day we will be together again.
A very cool story I am not sure if I have blogged about this but a few months ago we were just hanging out in our apartment and we have a bookshelf in our front room, on one of the shelves I have a couple pictures of of them was a picture before she got sick and the other is one of her I believe she was after highschool, this picture she was in Europe its black and white. ( I have been bad but I havent shown Tae a picture of mom) I was walking out of the kitchen and Tae had the older picture of mom in her hands and I was about to take it away from her when she said "nanna" and gave the picture a big kiss..I started crying and Phil was so shocked and teared up as well. I was so overjoyed and the thought crossed my mind that,That is what my mom probably looks like in Heaven, how else would Tae have known that that was her Grandma..I love Taelor so much and realize she is so close to the veil and to the spirit I love her so much and so glad she was able to be up with mom now I get to teach her all the things my mom taught me.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year was a fun christmas...the night before christmas eve we went to dinner with some friends, my friend Naomi and her hubby and cute little girl came into town so a bunch of us went to dinner it was fun, plus I got to meet my friends new little girl-who is so stinkin cute.
Taelor seemed to understand a little better at what opening presents was. It was fun watching her and then getting bored after she opened a few, she just wanted to play after that. This year she was very spoiled. She loves Mickey mouse clubhouse, so we got her some mickey books, grandpa stewart got her a mickey stuffed animal. But I think her fav presents were 1st-gma and gpa stewart got her this cute little kitchen with food-she loves playing with it (the play food usually ended up from one corner of our house to the other) and 2nd-phil got her this big bag of building blocks, she is so funny with them cause she will only stack the blocks that are the same size/shape,she is so funny at how she wants things (with her books she will get them all out on the ground and line them up before she will pick one).
Christmas eve we were with my family we had dinner then did our gift exchange, then Christmas morning we stayed home and did our own little family, then that afternoon we went up to Phils fam and spent the day with them. Its kinda nice having Tae being the only grandchild/niece on his side cause they all spoiled her like crazy.
Most of all a very memorable thing happened to us this year when we got home from Stephs house on Christmas eve there was a jar sitting at our front door, we just thought it had goodies in it but as we got closer it was full of coins-mostly quarters, of course I started crying and to who ever left us that Thank you so so very much...that secret santa truely blessed us this year. We had a great christmas this year and hope everyone else had a great one too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was fun I am not a big fan of halloween I just dont care for the dressing up and all the hype. Friday befor halloween we had dinner at Stephs house and we actually were all talking that none of us really care for halloween I think Erin might be the only one in our family that likes this holiday. but this year was fun cause we got to dress Taelor up. Last year she was a monkey but still so little that it wasnt very fun, but this year she was a ladybug. My friend came over sat afternoon so we could take pictures of Taelor and Lily (they are cute little buddies- and they live across from us) my camera is broken so Tabby was kind to take the pictures for me. Lily was a cute dinosaur. So sat night we went to my parents trunk or treat, then we went up to Phils aunt and uncles house they were having a party. I was a black cat and Phil was a (in phils words) classy southern gentleman who happens to love nascar and larry the cable guy oh and likes to party ( and yes phil was just telling me what to put down for him)so since my camera was broken we didnt get much from the party just what other people took.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tae's 1yr pictures

I know I am getting these up late (since she is now almost a 1 1/2 but hey they are up now, my friend mindy took them and she did a great job. Thanks again mindy we love them. There were too many good ones that here are some of our favorites.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More pictures-Cali trip