Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just a little update.....

Its my Birthday!!!!

On my birthday both Phil and I took the day off, it was so nice to sleep in, then I woke up and my cute husband blew up Birthday balloons and taped them all around our bedroom door so when I walked out thats all I could see. It was a pretty relaxed day which was very nice, we went to lunch to Cafe Rio (which is my favorite place) we went bowling after lunch and went shopping. It was a lot of fun, I was so sad to have the day end.

When we went down to St. George before my sister had her baby we took a little drive to Las Vegas and spent the day there. It was fun we went to the M & M Factory, the Coke Factory, watched the water show at the Bellagio ( I have never seen it before, and Phil said its a lot better at night) We had lots of fun.

This past Saturday we had our Easter/Birthday party. The whole family came out to our house adn we had a Easter Egg hunt for the kids, then we had a BBQ. It was fun having everyone there (almost everyone) Then after we had a cake for mine, Chris, Daniel, Whit, and Jake's b-days. I love the pictures with me and "my boys" I was so glad Chris came up from St. George so we could celebrate our birthday together.

The first picture Phil and I went down to St. George before my sister Erin had her baby, then 2 weeks after that trip she finally had her cute little girl Harley Jeanne... She is so little and so sweet. I am so excited for them, this is their first child. They sure do make pretty kids. I love the 2 pictures of my Grandma holding Harley, she is so fun and I just love her to death.