Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year was a fun christmas...the night before christmas eve we went to dinner with some friends, my friend Naomi and her hubby and cute little girl came into town so a bunch of us went to dinner it was fun, plus I got to meet my friends new little girl-who is so stinkin cute.
Taelor seemed to understand a little better at what opening presents was. It was fun watching her and then getting bored after she opened a few, she just wanted to play after that. This year she was very spoiled. She loves Mickey mouse clubhouse, so we got her some mickey books, grandpa stewart got her a mickey stuffed animal. But I think her fav presents were 1st-gma and gpa stewart got her this cute little kitchen with food-she loves playing with it (the play food usually ended up from one corner of our house to the other) and 2nd-phil got her this big bag of building blocks, she is so funny with them cause she will only stack the blocks that are the same size/shape,she is so funny at how she wants things (with her books she will get them all out on the ground and line them up before she will pick one).
Christmas eve we were with my family we had dinner then did our gift exchange, then Christmas morning we stayed home and did our own little family, then that afternoon we went up to Phils fam and spent the day with them. Its kinda nice having Tae being the only grandchild/niece on his side cause they all spoiled her like crazy.
Most of all a very memorable thing happened to us this year when we got home from Stephs house on Christmas eve there was a jar sitting at our front door, we just thought it had goodies in it but as we got closer it was full of coins-mostly quarters, of course I started crying and to who ever left us that Thank you so so very much...that secret santa truely blessed us this year. We had a great christmas this year and hope everyone else had a great one too.