Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year was a fun christmas...the night before christmas eve we went to dinner with some friends, my friend Naomi and her hubby and cute little girl came into town so a bunch of us went to dinner it was fun, plus I got to meet my friends new little girl-who is so stinkin cute.
Taelor seemed to understand a little better at what opening presents was. It was fun watching her and then getting bored after she opened a few, she just wanted to play after that. This year she was very spoiled. She loves Mickey mouse clubhouse, so we got her some mickey books, grandpa stewart got her a mickey stuffed animal. But I think her fav presents were 1st-gma and gpa stewart got her this cute little kitchen with food-she loves playing with it (the play food usually ended up from one corner of our house to the other) and 2nd-phil got her this big bag of building blocks, she is so funny with them cause she will only stack the blocks that are the same size/shape,she is so funny at how she wants things (with her books she will get them all out on the ground and line them up before she will pick one).
Christmas eve we were with my family we had dinner then did our gift exchange, then Christmas morning we stayed home and did our own little family, then that afternoon we went up to Phils fam and spent the day with them. Its kinda nice having Tae being the only grandchild/niece on his side cause they all spoiled her like crazy.
Most of all a very memorable thing happened to us this year when we got home from Stephs house on Christmas eve there was a jar sitting at our front door, we just thought it had goodies in it but as we got closer it was full of coins-mostly quarters, of course I started crying and to who ever left us that Thank you so so very much...that secret santa truely blessed us this year. We had a great christmas this year and hope everyone else had a great one too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was fun I am not a big fan of halloween I just dont care for the dressing up and all the hype. Friday befor halloween we had dinner at Stephs house and we actually were all talking that none of us really care for halloween I think Erin might be the only one in our family that likes this holiday. but this year was fun cause we got to dress Taelor up. Last year she was a monkey but still so little that it wasnt very fun, but this year she was a ladybug. My friend came over sat afternoon so we could take pictures of Taelor and Lily (they are cute little buddies- and they live across from us) my camera is broken so Tabby was kind to take the pictures for me. Lily was a cute dinosaur. So sat night we went to my parents trunk or treat, then we went up to Phils aunt and uncles house they were having a party. I was a black cat and Phil was a (in phils words) classy southern gentleman who happens to love nascar and larry the cable guy oh and likes to party ( and yes phil was just telling me what to put down for him)so since my camera was broken we didnt get much from the party just what other people took.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tae's 1yr pictures

I know I am getting these up late (since she is now almost a 1 1/2 but hey they are up now, my friend mindy took them and she did a great job. Thanks again mindy we love them. There were too many good ones that here are some of our favorites.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More pictures-Cali trip

Monday, October 4, 2010

More pictures

my Grandma's 90th bday party



Roy swimming pool

Monday, September 20, 2010

It might take me a couple days to post all the fun pictures we have taken since Taelors birthday. There will be pictures of her bday with both sides of family, of the aquarium, during the summer we went to the Roy swimming pool, we went to Cali to visit phils brother dustin and went to the aquarium there, went to pineview and spent the day just playing at the beach, my g-ma 90th bday party, and my dear friend Mindy took her 1yr pictures so I will post more of those (the pictures for my tile are some of what she took-there is a little preview) So I am trying to update, it will just take a couple days. lots of pictures sorry. so to start out here are some from Taelors 1st bday

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taelor is 1!!!

I know Im a little late posting but we dont have the internet so I dont get to the computer often. June 17 my little baby turned 1. I cant believe its already been a year. The monday befor her bday we went up the my in laws and had a little bday party for her. Gma Stewart made her a ladybug cake, it was so cute, she loved digging right in and eating as much as she could.
On her bday Phil and I took her and her cousins (noah, cam, elliott) to the aquarium. Steph met us when she was off work. It was fun they all loved it, Im sure Noah loved it the most.
The Sat after her bday Erin, Dar and their fam came up and we had a triple bday party for Taelor, Paxton and Ben, We went to a park, had a picnic and opened presents and had cupcakes. It was fun, its fun cause Taelor and her cousin Pax are 3 days apart. So its cool that she has a cousin that close and that we can share bday parties. They seriously look like twins. I just love him to pieces. So we had a busy week and fun bday celebrations. I will post the pictures soon. There are alot :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

It was my first mothers day, and it was so nice, Phil and Tae got me 2 cute frames with a family picture of us in one and the other one is of me and Tae. Phil let me sleep in which was way nice...We went to my parents house for a bbq. It was a very nice day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So today I spent the day with my family, I was helping my sisters move some stuff then I was brave and took 5 kids (6yr, 5yr, 4yr, 1yr, any Tae 9month old) to Carls was funny I had so many people staring at me thinking I was crazy...I even had one guy ask me if they were all my kids...I should have said yes and watch him give me more weird looks..It was fun the kids had fun and Tae and Payton just love each other they love trading binkies and their blankets back and forth
We got all moved into our apartment in bountiful, its so nice to have our own space again...I love my inlaws and am so grateful for them, but its nice having my own place again.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 25 was my bday...yes I am one year was fun Phil took the day off so we were lazy in the morning, and went to lunch with my family. I was sick that day so all of our plans didnt happen, we were going to go to a movie and dinner but we ended up just going home and relaxing. It was nice being with Tae and Phil all day...
Today we hung out with Chris, Olivia, Daniel and whit...the boys went golfing this morning and then we all went to lunch after they were done. After we hung out at Daniel and Whits, so Whit and I decided to give the girls a bath, they loved was cute.
We will be moving back to Bountiful in the next week or two, we found a place by South Davis JH. We are excited. My in laws are really sad to see us leave but its about time :), they keep saying that we can leave but Taelor has to stay with them, they are really going to miss her....Thats about all that is going on with us, just living life and loving it

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Memory:

12 years ago tomorrow (Feb 17) my beautiful mother passed away. Its so weird that it has been 12 years already,and each day I still miss her like crazy. Alot has happened since she has been gone...
I graduated high school

moved around alot

married my wonderful husband

had a beautiful baby

I wish she was here physically to have been with me through all those things,but I know she IS spiritually. I love her so much and know I will be with her again one day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 2010

So a little update...not much is going on we are up in North Ogden for now, living with the inlaws, to save some money.Phil is back in school and I am not sure if he is loving it..but he is glad he is back into it. He is still with Wells Fargo. As for me..just at home with our little Taelor Jeanne (and am so grateful that I am home with her...I love phil for letting me be home..even though it is really stressfull for him (money wise) he is a great husband and father and I love him so much.

Taelor is getting big, she is army crawling, and starting to pull herself up onto things. She is so fun and we just love her to pieces. She will be 8 months old next time goes by so fast.