Sunday, September 28, 2008


So this weekend we went up to Ben (my brother in law) family cabin, it was fun my parents just bought 2 4-wheelers and Bens brother left his 2 up at the cabin, so we took them up and just played these last couple days, it was so fun, and I was so excited that Dad came.. It was so fun watching him drive the 4wheeler and just having fun, its been a long time since we have done something like this with him. So here are some pictures of our weekend.

Phil teaching me how to drive

Phil and Abby

Chris and Olivia

Darrin and Abby

Johnson Family

Me taking picture while Phil's driving

Dad and Jaxyn

Cute Hale Family

The pretty View

Me and Noah

Friday, September 26, 2008

So its late and I cant sleep (I have had way too much Dr Pepper today) But I just love this picture and I had to put it on my blog...Thanks Steph for taking it, I just wish Noah was looking but he still looks cute.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sorry.... well we are moved in and I will take pictures of our place as soon as I can charge my battery for my camera, I cant find the charger. But a couple weeks ago we went to Yellowstone.. Phils brother was working there for the summer so when he was done we went and picked him up to come back home. It was a short trip but fun, Phils little sister Hannah came with us. So we got there late Sat night and then sunday we went into the park and just walked around the water holes (my mind is blank I cant think of the correct name for them.) and we went to OldFaithful. It was fun, I have never been there before so it was new for me. The crappy thing is as we were waiting for Oldfaithful my camera died so I was only able to take a picture of the sign..... and in that picture Phils brother Dustin and cousin Miles are being dorks trying to ruin the picture by being in it..