Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Memory:

12 years ago tomorrow (Feb 17) my beautiful mother passed away. Its so weird that it has been 12 years already,and each day I still miss her like crazy. Alot has happened since she has been gone...
I graduated high school

moved around alot

married my wonderful husband

had a beautiful baby

I wish she was here physically to have been with me through all those things,but I know she IS spiritually. I love her so much and know I will be with her again one day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 2010

So a little update...not much is going on we are up in North Ogden for now, living with the inlaws, to save some money.Phil is back in school and I am not sure if he is loving it..but he is glad he is back into it. He is still with Wells Fargo. As for me..just at home with our little Taelor Jeanne (and am so grateful that I am home with her...I love phil for letting me be home..even though it is really stressfull for him (money wise) he is a great husband and father and I love him so much.

Taelor is getting big, she is army crawling, and starting to pull herself up onto things. She is so fun and we just love her to pieces. She will be 8 months old next time goes by so fast.