Saturday, January 31, 2009

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!

We found out yesterday that we are having a little girl! We are so excited, and yes we already have a name, she will be named Taelor Jeanne Stewart. We cant wait, Phil was so cute at the ultrasound, he was like a little kid at a candy store, he was so cute, I just love him to death. He made the tech. check twice to make sure it was a girl, she just laughed and said yes it is but she was really nice and showed Phil at a couple different angles that there was no boy part, it was funny. We can already tell she is going to be like her mother, stubborn... I have been talking to my stomach for the past month tell her she better show us what she is when we have the ultrasound, so she flaunted her goodies, and then didnt want to be looked at anymore, when the tech was trying to get a picture of her face, Taelor kept putting her little arms and hands over her face so we couldnt get a good shot, and she had her fingers in her mouth so I thinks she will take after me again a be thumb sucker. We are so happy and cant wait till she is here.