Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas With my Family 2008

So I know its now New years and I am just blogging about Christmas but just deal with it... We had a busy but fun holiday, we spent Christmas Eve with my family we ate dinner and opened presents, its always fun but a very crazy house (i wouldnt trade it for anything, Phil is still trying to get use to all the noise and chaos) Then we went up to my inlaws and spent all Christmas day with them.

So I am finally breaking the new on this Phil and I are having a baby I am 4 months pregnant and we are so excited we find out in month what we will be having, Yes we already have names picked out if girl Taelor Jeanne, a boy Isaac Calvin.... Phil cousin had me for christmas and her present was so cute she made me a baby blanket and had 2 2liter Dr Peppers with mine and Phils name on them and then a little Dr pepper with Baby on it, it was so cute and my favorite present... Here are some pictures of our families