Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stewart Baby #2

I havent gotten around to posting about this but for those who dont know We are excited to say we will be expecting Baby #2 around Dec 6th we are way excited.
This pregnacy has been so different then with Taelor, I have been so super sick 24/7 nausea/vomiting. So not fun and way hard to do with a toddler wanting mommys attention all the time. So when I lay on the couch Taelors first words to me are "mommy your tummy hurt?" so as of this week I am 12 weeks pregnant and the nausea has decreased alot, I still get it everyday but it hasnt been an all day thing, I still dont crave food but when I dont eat I get sick. Sorry I wont be taking any belly pictures, I started out this pregnancy heavier then I should have been so not feeling to great about pictures these days.
We are also moving this weekend, we will still be in Bountiful just a different apartment, one thats not right on a busy road and that has grassy area for Taelor to play, we are excited but I am sad/nervous when we move we will be setting up a Toddler bed for Taelor I am a very sad mommy she shouldnt be this big already, everyday she seems to get bigger and smarter and I love it but she should still be my baby. We want her to be in her own bed before the baby comes (and Phil doesnt want to put the crib up then take it apart again for when the baby is here)
So lots of changes for the Stewart Family we are excited for what this year will bring and cant wait for our little family to grow