Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 25 was my bday...yes I am one year was fun Phil took the day off so we were lazy in the morning, and went to lunch with my family. I was sick that day so all of our plans didnt happen, we were going to go to a movie and dinner but we ended up just going home and relaxing. It was nice being with Tae and Phil all day...
Today we hung out with Chris, Olivia, Daniel and whit...the boys went golfing this morning and then we all went to lunch after they were done. After we hung out at Daniel and Whits, so Whit and I decided to give the girls a bath, they loved was cute.
We will be moving back to Bountiful in the next week or two, we found a place by South Davis JH. We are excited. My in laws are really sad to see us leave but its about time :), they keep saying that we can leave but Taelor has to stay with them, they are really going to miss her....Thats about all that is going on with us, just living life and loving it