Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taelor is 1!!!

I know Im a little late posting but we dont have the internet so I dont get to the computer often. June 17 my little baby turned 1. I cant believe its already been a year. The monday befor her bday we went up the my in laws and had a little bday party for her. Gma Stewart made her a ladybug cake, it was so cute, she loved digging right in and eating as much as she could.
On her bday Phil and I took her and her cousins (noah, cam, elliott) to the aquarium. Steph met us when she was off work. It was fun they all loved it, Im sure Noah loved it the most.
The Sat after her bday Erin, Dar and their fam came up and we had a triple bday party for Taelor, Paxton and Ben, We went to a park, had a picnic and opened presents and had cupcakes. It was fun, its fun cause Taelor and her cousin Pax are 3 days apart. So its cool that she has a cousin that close and that we can share bday parties. They seriously look like twins. I just love him to pieces. So we had a busy week and fun bday celebrations. I will post the pictures soon. There are alot :)