Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was fun I am not a big fan of halloween I just dont care for the dressing up and all the hype. Friday befor halloween we had dinner at Stephs house and we actually were all talking that none of us really care for halloween I think Erin might be the only one in our family that likes this holiday. but this year was fun cause we got to dress Taelor up. Last year she was a monkey but still so little that it wasnt very fun, but this year she was a ladybug. My friend came over sat afternoon so we could take pictures of Taelor and Lily (they are cute little buddies- and they live across from us) my camera is broken so Tabby was kind to take the pictures for me. Lily was a cute dinosaur. So sat night we went to my parents trunk or treat, then we went up to Phils aunt and uncles house they were having a party. I was a black cat and Phil was a (in phils words) classy southern gentleman who happens to love nascar and larry the cable guy oh and likes to party ( and yes phil was just telling me what to put down for him)so since my camera was broken we didnt get much from the party just what other people took.


Erin said...

She is such a cute ladybug! I do love this holiday but for some reason it didn't hit me this year. I tried making up for it the night before and it didn't turn out so well! Oh well! Love you!

Kels said...

Such a cute ladybug!!