Monday, April 13, 2009

EASTER in St George

So this weekend Phil and I went to St George. It was very fun and we both needed very badly to get away. We stayed 2 nights with Erin and Darrin (which by the way Thank you very much) and then stayed 1 night at my grandmas. Friday we hung out with Erin and Darrin and cute little Harley, and that night we went to dinner and mini golfing with Phils cousin Andy and his wife Malica, it was fun they were on their way to Vegas so we got together before they headed there. Sat we went to lunch with my friend Naomi and her hubby Nate, which was fun, I miss her and hate that we dont get to see each other much. So after lunch we went shopping. That night Erin was very nice made dinner for us and Nay came over and Erins friends/neighbors came, it was fun, they have a cute little girl named Bailey she was a doll and her and Harley play so well togther it was cute to watch them. So it was a very nice weekend. It was cute Harley just loves Phil anytime I would hold her she would reach for Phil and she would just crawl all over him. She is so stinkin cute. And her in her Easter dress she was very pretty(even though she did not want us to take any pictures of her)


Anonymous said...

I am sad that I dont get to see you very often either!!! :(