Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I just love her little face in this photo, so the other night I put this little tv in Tae room (I have a lot of vhs and some kid movies that I have been wanting tae to see) so the tv has a vhs player in it. So I put on Monsters inc Oaks loved the movie but Taelor just loved the fact there was a tv in her room, she was so excited and kept saying "Oh movie". Now everytime we go into her room she says movie mom..She is getting so big, I cant believe in less then 4 months she will be 2. She keeps me busy and is talking so much, I am going to brag she can count to 10(she skips the #3 for some reason) she almost has her birthday down-well she calls it a Happy Day- its June 17 but she says June 7 so we are almost there, and is catching on to so many things, (she is getting sassier then ever) but is one smart cookie and this shocked me but we were watching mickey mouse club house and she said mom do you see a triangle? I looked up so suprised and sure enough there was a triangle..WOW i have never shown her shapes so that was a huge suprise. And now we have to watch what we say cause she copies everything...we were driving one day and Phil was saying something and said suck, sure enough Tae in the back seat kept repeating it...haha we are introuble. I just love her to pieces. And the picture of her and daddy building blocks she loves these blocks and no the tower was not all Phil she helped alot and she is funny cause certain blocks had to be in certain places. every morning she wants to build towers with her dad its so cute


Mindy said...

Loving these stories!! Tae is so dang cute and I miss her so much!! Love you all so very much and can't wait to see you :)

Jessica said...